We envision a world where people have the inner wisdom tools and growth opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential. We share teachings and practices to empower people on their life journeys, and provide these wisdom-based tools to those affected by trauma, poverty, and social injustice, to people who support these communities, and to our collective public servants. Our programs are designed to remove barriers to access, promote well-being, and shift the world toward compassion and connection. View the Foundation’s 2021 Annual Report to learn more about our programming and impact. 

“This is the time where we can really make some big changes in so many aspects of the world. And when you have an opportunity to start to solve so many of the big problems in the world, I know firsthand that mindfulness is one of the best tools to effect that change.”
-DANSO, Scholarship Recipient


1. Providing Access to Transformational Education

We want to make transformational education accessible to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access. This includes removing financial barriers to our books and learning programs.


2. Growing a Community Dedicated to a More Loving World

Community is at the heart of our work. That’s why, once a year, we host a three-day gathering to connect with each other and some of the most beloved spiritual teachers of our time.

3. Sharing Stories of Individual and Social Transformation

We share intimate stories ranging from children using meditation in the classroom, prisoners accessing compassion-based skills, to veterans developing the tools of mindfulness.

Our Beginnings

Tami Simon started Sounds True over 30 years ago at just 22 years of age. Today, Sounds True is the world’s leading wisdom-based publishing house with a thriving global community. The Sounds True Foundation is a natural extension of Tami’s heart and original mission: To disseminate spiritual wisdom.

Founder, Sounds True

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